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Harness AI in Your Web3 Platform
Powerful AI-driven search, recommendation, and personalization algorithms for NFTs, dApps, and Web3 content.
Powerful Recommenders
Amaze your users with a contract and wallet-driven recommender system that intelligently adapts to their interests.
Intelligent Search
Integrate the fastest and most accurate natural language search system for NFT traits and visual elements.

Live Integrations

objkt.com uses onaji to power its NFT discovery engine.

Learn about how onaji helps objkt's users discover items, collections and creators that they like.

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Test our APIs via our opensource demos. Fork them and start building AI-powered NFT apps.


NFT Collection Recommender System

AI-driven personalized NFT collection recommendations.
Perfect for auto-generating watchlists, "For You" feeds, personalized home pages, or "You May Also Like" collections roulettes on NFT collection or item pages.
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Visual NFT Search and Recommendation Engine

Search for aesthetic NFTs and find visually similar items.
Ideal for exploring aesthetics, discovering 1/1 and open edition artists, and curating feeds based on narratives and visual patterns.
See live integration


Fast AI NFT Attribute and Trait Search Engine

The fastest and most accurate natural language trait search.
Optimal for fast NFT traders who want to zero in on their desired traits within PFP collections, allowing for spelling errors, synonyms, and multiple traits in the same query. view live demo


Powerful APIs

Powerful APIs

Powerful and modular APIs with opensource frontend code

Onaji expertise

Our expertise

Built by a team with years of Web3 and machine learning experience

Tailor-made solutions


We listen to you and build the technology that suits you the most

Cross-chain experience

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Refining NFT Discovery with AI

an Introduction to Wander by objkt and onaji.

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Like What You See?

The Power of Visual Search and Recommender
Systems for NFT Platforms

A preview of the onaji effective prompts blog post

Harnessing the Power of Visual
Search for NFT Discovery

Generating Effective Prompts and Queries.

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